Is your company looking for a new and unique form of team building that will bring your employees closer together? The Room Upstairs is a fun and interactive experience that will encourage your team to work together more efficiently.. In The Room Upstairs, your team is locked in a room and must work together to solve a series of clues and riddles to escape. Your group gets one hour to escape, so communication skills of team members will truly be tested as the clock ticks and tension builds. After being trapped in one of our escape rooms, your team will be more effective, more productive, and your employees will be a more cohesive group working towards achieving a common goal – success, in a fun and engaging way.

Event Overview and Features

The traditional escape game experience is approximately 90 minutes. An example timetable looks something like this:

  • 15 minutes – Introduction and overview of rules and strategy
  • 60 minutes – Puzzling and escaping the room
  • 15 minutes – Solution, walkthrough and debriefing

Scheduling is handled on a per team basis. We can generally accommodate most team’s preferred times, day or night. Price is dependent on size of group, so please email us for a quote.

Program Benefits

  • Encourage collaboration among team members
  • Help your group practice their problem-solving skills
  • Engage your team with cognitive and cerebral challenges
  • Appeals to all types of people